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With a record number of transactions in 2023, there is no longer any doubt that the practicality and security of Pix came to stay.

Offer the Pix to your customers without worrying about technology and regulatory issues.

Count on the robustness and experience of those who have processed more than 1 billion transactions via Pix on the last year.

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Because the Pix Dock?

Discover the main reasons to choose us

Deployment Speed

have the Pix implemented in months with full support

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs and increase revenue by connecting to a direct participant

Pay as You Go

Pay as you use solutions. The greater the volume of transactions, the more competitive the prices.

Regulatory Support

Focus on your business while Dock provides full support for legal and regulatory issues related to Pix (BACEN)


In partnership with the largest suppliers of antifraudand the world (FICO and Feedzai) your operation will be 100% secure


With Dock, your operation will be 100% available, 24/7. Maximum score in availability and timeout in BACEN metrics

Pix Pix Checkout

Allow your customers to pay for their purchases, online or in person, using the Pix Checkout, simply, instantly and securely.

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  • Agile implementation and time-to-market, with the freedom of use to receive single and recurring payments.
  • Fast processing and high transaction volume capacity.
  • Competitive prices.
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Pix Indirect

count on the Pix your company using the structure of an institution that is a direct participant in the system. Enjoy the experience of someone who processed more than R$160 billion via Pix in the last 12 months.

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  • Personalize your customer's payments experience and strengthen your operation.
  • Increase the profits of your operation by reducing costs and gaining more predictability of expenses.
  • Have more autonomy over your Pix and its functionality settings.

It hurtspix

Provide the modality that brings together the benefits of two of the most popular payment methods in Brazil - Pix and the ticket.

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  • Payments processed in seconds, eliminating the time of up to 2 business days for traditional bills.
  • Easy to use for both issuers and consumers as both can use barcodes and QR Code Pix to collect and make payment.
  • Security in operation than traditional bill and operations Pix offer you.
Bole icon illustrationpix cube illustration
icon illustration Pix on the invoice cube illustration

Pix on the Invoice

Include the Pix on their invoices and enable consumers to make payments quickly and conveniently with real-time transactions.

icon illustration Pix on the invoice cube illustration
  • Reduce your operational costs of issuing bank slips or possible delays and bank reconciliation problems.
  • Make financial inclusion and ease available to your customers by offering the most used payment method in Brazil on your invoices.
  • Receive in real time and simplify the payment reconciliation process.

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  • Digital account
  • Tickets
  • Bill payment
  • Voucher marketplace

Cards & Credit

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Cards & Credit

  • Credit Card as a Service
  • Multibenefits Card
  • Prepaid card
  • Global Debit Card
  • Private label card

Fraud Prevention

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Fraud Prevention

  • Auntfraudand transactional
  • Authentication score
  • Biometric token
  • Merchant Monitoring


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  • Transaction capture
  • POS
  • POS (SiTEF)
  • Tap on Phone (Android)
  • CNP (E-commerce and Payment Link)

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