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Technology to contribute to economic recovery and encourage people to open bank accounts in Ecuador

We are committed to facilitating constant development of financial products and services that are within reach of all Ecuadorians, and to offer different channels to conduct transactions, simply and safely.

Ecuador: enormous potential to develop digital banking, fintechs, and financial services
for the new era

In Ecuador, just over half of the population participates in the financial system; however, the country is on the verge of transitioning to a digital system and making it possible for all Ecuadorians to have a bank account.

Participate in the growth of digital transformation and improve the technology-based financial system.

Contribute to greater financial inclusion, particularly emphasizing inclusion of Ecuadorian women.

Support financial education to reduce distrust and the use of printed money.


Dock Ecuador

An important part of our mission is to provide our expertise to create more fintechs and digital banks, which enables more people to open bank accounts in rural and urban areas of Ecuador, driving the economy and bringing new growth opportunities to businesses.

Dock’s platform gives large, medium, and small companies the ability to offer innovative financial products that are backed by state-of-the-art technology. Dock uses its experience, technological resources, and knowledge to help drive economic recovery and financial inclusion in the country.

We currently operate more than 70 million active accounts and manage more than 8 billion annual transactions. A Dock is responsible for the operational and regulatory part, leaving companies with the freedom to provide their customers with a professionalpostinnovative and attractive value.



Our solutions for the Ecuadorian market

This is how Dock empowers businesses to develop and improve their financial services and products in a quick, easy and secure manner:

Illustration - Ecosystem Dock

Dock Ecosystem

Integrations with the best technology providers in the world

A partner product and service portfolio for you to find everything you need for your business and your customers.



Companies that redefine business through our technology.

Mercado Pago

Land of Opportunity study

A roadmap for means of payment and digital banking in Argentina and 5 more Latin American countries.

In this study, we’ll analyze scenarios and insights showing why Latin America is the region of opportunities for the financial universe.

Read and learn more about:

  • Economic Conjuncture
  • Financial Inclusion
  • New means of payment
  • Regulations for the financial system
  • Trends and opportunities
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