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The financial technolgy behind the major brands you already know

Dock is a Brazilian company offering a global payment and banking platform. By leveraging it, banks, fintechs and other companies unlock their business potential and contribute to financial inclusion.

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Great advances in banking; still a lot to be done

Brazil is a leading country in technology for the global payment and banking industry and has recently taken a leap in financial service access. However, there’s a lot to be done in order to promote true financial inclusion. And that step involves institutions and companies of all segments.

Offering credit for the banked population: expanding access to financial solutions and moving the economy forward.

Keeping up with the innovation agenda in the country: with solutions aligned with projects related to Open Finance, Digital Real and Pix.

Promoting payment digitization: leveraging the growth in e-commerce and exploring new means of payment.
Antonio Soares

The demand for a new credit paradigm and a new stage of financial inclusion in Brazil is latent and imminent. I see a fertile ground not only for fintechs looking at this pain, but for all the ties in the financial universe.

Antonio Soares, CEO of Dock.


Dock Brasil

We’re fully committed to accelerate financial inclusion in Latin America—a story that started in Brazil over 20 years ago. Today, our technology is part of the most innovative financial solutions in the market and have contributed to including millions of Brazilians in the financial system.

By leveraging our global cloud-based API platform, we enable businesses of all sizes and segments to offer innovative financial products as well as the best customer experience.

Nowadays, Dock handles over 70 million active accounts and over 8 billion annual transactions, thus reducing our clients’ operational and regulatory load and providing them with other valuable tools through our partner network.

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Our solutions for the Brazilian market

This is how Dock empowers businesses to develop and improve their financial services and products in a quick, easy and secure manner:

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Dock Ecosystem

Integrations with the best technology providers in the world.

A partner product and service portfolio for you to find everything you need for your business and your customers.


Companies relying on our solutions

Land of Opportunity study

A roadmap for means of payment and digital banking in Argentina and 5 more Latin American countries.

In this study, we’ll analyze scenarios and insights showing why Latin America is the region of opportunities for the financial universe.

Read and learn more about:

  • Economic Conjuncture
  • Financial Inclusion
  • New means of payment
  • Regulations for the financial system
  • Trends and opportunities
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