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Technology for keeping up with the financial transformation in Peru

We support our clients in democratizing the access to the financial system for millions of unbanked underbanked people in Peru.

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Peru: Time to scale financial inclusion

There’s still a long way to go for Peru to promote citizen access to financial services, while the market is making more and more room to enable innovation.

Accelerate financial inclusion for nearly half of the population: that still has no access to the system.

Evolving the industry and services through new fintechs: with a more open industry and more flexible regulation.

Promoting payment digitization: leveraging the growth in e-commerce and exploring new means of payment.
Hernán Soler Arevalo

Peru is a market showing huge potential for developing and adopting new technologies in means of payment. It also relies on a fintech ecosystem that is developed and ran seamlessly for economy digitization. Dock has set Peru as a priority in our expansion plan in Latin America aiming to contribute to this mission with our technology and become a relevant player for the local financial industry.

Hernan Soler, Country Manager at Dock Peru


Dock Peru

There is a payments and banking industry in high demand in Peru, showing a lot of opportunities for accelerating financial inclusion. And Dock is ready to support fintechs and companies developing their financial solutions by leveraging our technology, which has already helped bank millions on people in Latin America.

By leveraging our global cloud-based API platform, we enable businesses of all sizes and segments to offer innovative financial products as well as the best customer experience.

Nowadays, Dock handles over 70 million active accounts and over 8 billion annual transactions, thus reducing our clients’ operational and regulatory load and providing them with other valuable tools through our partner network.

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Our solutions for the Peruvian market

This is how Dock empowers businesses to develop and improve their financial services and products in a quick, easy and secure manner:

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Dock Ecosystem

Integrations with the best technology providers in the world.

A partner product and service portfolio for you to find everything you need for your business and your customers.


Land of Opportunity study

A map of Digital Banking and means of payment in Latin America.

In this study, made by Dock’s Research team, we looked at scenarios and insights that comproves that Latin America is a region full of opportunities for the financial universe.

Read and learn more about:

  • Economic Conjuncture
  • Financial Inclusion
  • New means of payment
  • Regulations for the financial system
  • Trends and opportunities
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