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Our new, integrated platform for Payments and Banking enables you to easily scale your operations locally or anywhere in the world.


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One platform, multiple possibilities

An evolving, integrated platform for solutions in banking and payments for unlocking your full innovation potential and go beyond with your business.

Rely on Dock to create, integrate and evolve while ensuring experiences that are increasingly more exceptional for your customers - all without the need to switch platforms.


The most advanced microservice-based architecture, allied with Dock’s 25 years of expertise


By using parameters tailored to different rules, it can be promptly operated in any country, currency and banking system.


A complete package of payment and banking products for a variety of businesses and contracting models.

Advanced cloud-native

A platform based on the most advanced cloud-native technology, which ensures flexibility to implement high-impact improvements with minimal effort.

open APIs

A number of 100% modular endpoints and an open API, enabling a streamlined, custom implementation according to your business model.


Go from 100 to 1.000.000 by using our platform, which ensures your friction-free scalability in efficiently and securely with minimal investment in engineering.

Real-time data &
massive data

Extract data without compromising your operation and run analysis in real time, from any period. Get deep insights and truly connect with your customers.


Thanks to our fully integrated APIs, you can market your applications within weeks, not months.

Plug & Play with local and global partners

We’re connected to over 50 partners worldwide, which enables us to release better resources for accelerating everyone’s growth.

Trusted advisor with industry-recognized expertise

+25 years of experience and leadership providing solutions for the most innovative companies in the world.
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What Dock One offers for your business

The new platform Dock One is fully integrated with global card brand networks and features a complete infrastructure running the entire process for authorizing, reconciliating, and managing balances and all registers in your operation.

Rely on a partnership with Dock and the leading fraud prevention solution in the world: FICO® FALCON® Fraud Prevention. Its native integration with our platform provides online, real-time transaction analysis with custom rules, as well as a set of solutions for managing daily operations.

Register, analyze and have the autonomy to run your operation through management platforms:

User registration: storage and management of all data of individuals and legal entities.

Back-office platform: cards management, holder registration and more basic operation functionalities.

Cards management: storing and management for the entire card lifecycle, from BIN, profile and PIN to statuses and usage settings.

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Technical features

  • Streamlined access to APIs and settings according to your parameters
  • 95% of automized tests – ran within 3 hours
  • 100% cloud architecture - AWS environments divided into 4 accounts (DEV, QA, HML, PROD)
  • Descentralized with API-based communication, internally as well as externally
  • Data propagation among event-based apps (KAFKA broker)
  • Built to support a multitenancy and single-tenancy operation
  • Authentication through a one-time token and mTLS
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Frequently asked questions:

It is a processing platform that is fully integrated with global card brand networks for streamlining your journey when authorizing and reconciliating prepaid and debit products. It does so by providing solutions for managing holders and cards, including global ledger for managing balances, fees and usage controls, or in the external authorization model, by enabling an integration with the issuer’s ledger.

It is intended for all players issuing cards or looking for credit and processing solutions in a single platform, with a single integration, and for all looking to easily scale their operations in different countries, in a fully parameterized manner.


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