Dock expands range of technology options for fraud prevention

Published on Aug 23 2023.

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Feedzai’s application of AI and machine learning models will be accessible to Dock customers of all sizes; cloud-first model facilitates access to cutting-edge technology in all Latin American countries

Dock, a BXNUMXB leader in payments and banking technology in Latin America, announced a partnership with Feedzai, a global leader in fraud and money laundering prevention, to provide new options of security solutions for Dock customers and expand access to this cutting-edge technology in Latin America beyond the big companies.

Clients of all sizes will be able to access Feedzai's RiskOps Platform. There are also plans to integrate Feedzai’s money laundering prevention tools, ensuring a 360º view of real-time risks. The platform also provides a native behavioral biometrics module for customers interested in adding a digital footprint to transactional analysis.

“We will provide our customers another cloud-first technology solution that delivers a personalized approach to cyber threat detection and assessment, based on machine learning models and supported by Dock's expertise. This partnership is aligned to our Latin American expansion. This new feature makes it possible for us to even better understand the needs of our customers throughout the region,” said Armando Junior, Risk Director at Dock.

Feedzai operates based on a proprietary framework of advanced machine learning models, which allows stronger threat detection, reduction of false positives and less friction for the customer, guaranteeing a higher level of security.

The partnership allocates a team from Feedzai to help serve the entire Latin American market. "Our partnership with Dock will allow small and medium-sized customers access to one of the most advanced machine learning technologies for fraud prevention on the market, integrated with Dock's solutions,” said Tatiana Sanches, General Manager of Feedzai for Latin America.


About Dock

Dock is the leading payments and digital banking enabler in Latin America. A first mover and pioneer, Dock is the engine behind the acceleration of digital financial services in the region. For over 2 years, it has been delivering on its mission of democratizing access to financial services, promoting the inclusion of millions of the unbanked and underbanked.

Building on decades of expertise, Dock has launched Dock One, the only end-to-end platform in LatAm that brings together card issuing, digital banking, credit, risk, and acquiring solutions, accelerating the ability of companies to offer innovative services to their customers. Dock manages the technology, operations, and regulatory complexity so clients can focus on scaling their businesses. The company powers 70 million active accounts and over seven billion annual transactions.


About Feedzai

Feedzai, through its RiskOps platform, is a global leader in fraud and money laundering prevention solutions working with clients including Citibank, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander and BTG Pactual.

With over 200 customers, Feedzai protects over 900 million individuals and businesses through its platform. As a leader in key market quadrants along with Chartis, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions and Forrester, Feedzai recently won the triple crown of the risk segment, positioning their Behavioral Biometrics, Fraude e AML (Money Laundering Prevention) solutions as leaders in their fields.

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