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Banking direct sales

Open X: What’s next after Open Finance?

6% a 8%

+ sales made by consultants using the Digital Banking

1,2 million

of bills

$ 2 billion

transacted in a single month

Features used

  • Bill Payment
  • Instant payment (Pix)
  • Transfers
  • Generating pay slips
  • Refills and Vouchers
  • Issuing a Visa Licensed Card
  • Alias ​​bank (BV partner)
  • Treasury Dock

Positioned among the leaders of direct sale in the world, this cosmetics multinational of Brazilian origin has an extensive network of consultants that, despite being consolidated, faced a challenge of great proportions for its evolution: the unbanking. To give an idea of ​​the scale of the problem, approximately 40% of the sales force did not have access to a bank account.

To resolve this issue, the idea was born of creating a proprietary fintech and relying on the partnership of Dock to provide payment technology and banking from a complete platform of Banking. The results are cause for celebration: in one year, 300 accounts were activated and more than 190 cards were issued.

With this, the company not only solved the demand for technology for its financial solutions, but also consolidated a successful new business in its operations.

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Banking direct sales

Open X: What’s next after Open Finance?

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