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Find out how the Dock Partners model can provide innovative financial solutions and different opportunities to your business.

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Learn about the different types of Dock partners

Advisor partner

Advisor partner

Partners with in-depth experience in financial services. You can count on our Advisor Partners to help you develop opportunities, leverage your business, and provide support in making the best decisions to launch products and features in the market.
Integrator partner

Integrator partner

Partners with technical expertise that work at different levels of integration between Dock and the Client. Our Integrator Partners handle the client’s entire technological journey on the Dock One platform.
Value Added Partner

Value Added Partner

Partners that use our infrastructure and available financial services to support their business. The mission of Value Added Partners is to provide a complete solution to the client through the Dock One platform.


Retail Payment Ecosystem (RPE) is a technology company that offers several solutions…


BankFactory was created in 2017 by executives with vast experience in the financial market and…


Company with more than five years in the market, working on projects in Brazil, USA, and…


Homine Tecnologia is an IT services and solutions provider specializing in development…


A company headed by experienced executives with more than 15 years in the industry…


Manacá Partners is a consulting firm that focuses on business management…


A consulting company that has completed more than 2.000 projects, in segments such as retail…


An Amazon cloud-based computer services platform, available in many locations worldwide.

Illustration - Benefits of hiring a Dock Partners

Benefits in hiring a Dock Partner

At Dock, we believe collaboration is key to driving our clients’ success. With the Dock Channel Partner Program, we join forces with strategic partners to meet the needs of companies that strive to be exceptional.

  • Partners with expertise in various segments that leverage their market activity/penetration.
  • Clients have access to additional services and solutions that complement those offered by Dock.
  • Profound knowledge about the financial products and solutions Dock makes available to the market.

Dock Partner Qualifications

We use a rigorous process for all companies that want to be Dock partners, thus maintaining the high quality of the services and products offered to clients.

  • Proof of technical capacity and experience in activities such as Project Management; Business Processes Design; Technology Development and/or Configuration of SAAS and Change Management Platforms.
  • Professionals qualified in areas like Credit, Acquiring, Banking e Fraud Prevention.
  • Knowledge in different segments of the financial market and others, which leverage their market activity and penetration.
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