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Technology for the acquiring industry in a full or modular way

With our white-label acquiring solutions, you’ll have cutting-edge technology on a payment and processing platform in a streamlined, fast, and secure way.

Our customers include renowned players in the industry seeking custom solutions for their businesses, as well as entrepreneurs looking to join the payments industry using end-to-end infrastructure.

Companies relying on our solutions

Illustration - Acquiring as a service

Acquiring as a Service

All features on one platform including all of our licenses

  • Omnichannel capturing
  • Acquiring processing
  • Remote device management: Software update, versioning, and real-time monitoring
  • Business management platform for your company and your customers

For your company

Customer management and registering, sale reconciliation, end-to-end reporting on captured transactions, establishment management and payment terminals.

For your customer

Sales query, terminal management, receivable calendar query, payment link and anticipation of receivables.

Payment Capture

The go-to technology for businesses that already operate as a financial institution and need to extend or improve their services as an acquirer or sub-acquirer.

Omnichannel capturing

Omnichannel capturing

  • In-person capture compatible with numerous devices
  • Mobile capture for Smart POS or smartphone
  • Offsite capture for e-commerce and marketplace
  • TEF


  • Transaction authorization from industry-leading card brands
  • End-to-end security through our rigorous anti-fraud process


  • Customer registration and management
  • Sales reconciliation and settlement
  • End-to-end reporting on captured transactions
  • Management of establishments and terminal park
  • Sales query
  • Terminal management
  • Receiving calendar query
  • Payment link
  • Real time monitoring
Remote device management

Remote device management

  • POS management software
  • Version control
  • Remotely updated terminals
  • Real time monitoring

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