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Security throughout your business and customer journey

Our technology enables you to detect, investigate and prevent risk and fraud throughout all stages in your operation. We deliver peace of mind from beginning to end—from card processing and acquiring to onboarding your final customers.

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C6 Bank
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Digital Onboarding

Build long-term relationships with valuable customers from the very beginning of their journey, for natural persons as well as legal persons. By following thorough steps, we enable you to take more customers, prevent fraud (100% digitally) and provide financial services and products with much more peace of mind.

Document data extraction

Document data extraction

Data extraction from the photo of IDs, thus making the process quicker and more assertive for your business and customer.
Face match

Face match

Comparison of the customer's registration photo with the one of their ID.
Facial biometrics

Facial biometrics

We query information and images in our database of fraudsters when approving new customers.


We look into the document’s authenticity by checking if it is was really issued by the cardholder, if it was tampered or even completely defrauded.
Registration score

Registration score

According to the user’s data in combination with their biometric score, our system generates a fraud risk score. The higher the score, the more likely the user is to bring risks, and the more intense the monitoring is.
Background check

Background check

Information gathering at the Internal Revenue Service and other bureaus, thus validating potential irregularities against the Central Bank of Brazil (CPF situation, restriction lists, PEP, etc.)
Illustration - Onboarding Digital

FICO® Falcon® Platform

Dock has partnered with FICO® Falcon®, the leading fraud prevention system in the payment industry, protecting 17 billion cards worldwide and serving 20 of the XNUMX largest global card issuers.

The huge volume of analyzed transactions and historical data managed by FICO® Falcon® enables highly sophisticated analysis models to be created based on customer behavior associated with Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are continuously improved.

The largest fraud prevention database in the world is available to you, through Dock.

Illustration - FICO® Falcon® Platform
Illustration - FICO® Falcon® Platform

Transaction fraud prevention

Manage risks and gain more confidence when fighting fraud with our solution built in your means of payment. We invest in strategies to prevent our processes from being used for fraud and criminal practices such as money laundering. With our antifraud system based on machine learning and analytics based on behavior scores, we’re able to identify, prevent and block fraud in your entire operation.

All of these items are built into Dock's solutions and require no additional setting. Digital Onboarding and our Anti-Fraud solution are available for all Dock accounts.

Our technology relies on software such as Falcon, Sherlock and PRM, which monitor transactions and internally transmit alerts on suspicious transactions, based on advanced algorithms.

The two-factor security provides users with an extra layer of protection on their accounts. In addition to the traditional use of a credential, a code is also sent to a predefined address for every CPF, such as an email, PUSH or SMS.

Card tokenization is the process of protecting confidential data, such as the main account number, by replacing it with a unique alphanumeric code generated in real time (also called a token) ensuring security against attacks and potential security breaches.

It creates an ID for every device used by the user and validates this ID for every transaction. If a transaction occurs to a user through a different unusual device, the tool analyzes the transaction and blocks it in case of risk.

Transactions also undergo, when necessary, a manual analysis based on the decision-making engine, which alerts non standard operations to identify suspicious behavior and generate appropriate treatment for each case analyzed.

FICO® Customer Communication Services (CCS)

Create your own transactional communication rule with your customer, thus improving the experience and further optimizing fraud prevention.

CCS is a communication module integrated with the anti-fraud system that runs real-time message automation for holders.

Real-time transaction validation
Automates two-way communication
More automation, fewer manual processes
Reduced risk of fraud
Sending SMS, Push, Emails, Voice Messages
Reduced operating costs

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