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The fintech revolution

Technology developments have precipitated the emergence of fintech companies and inspired major change in the Latin American financial sector. Also, with the growing digitalization of the ecosystem, high demand for banking services, and progress in regulatory issues, the time is ripe for new players to emerge.

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How to open a fintech and create competitive financial products

Your company has two options:

Do everything in-house

Do everything in-house

For this, your company would need:

  • Be a payment institution.
  • Have multiple certifications.
  • Comply with numerous regulatory issues with the Central Bank.
  • Have a very robust tech infrastructure.
  • Hire specialized teams.
  • Obtain licenses from card brands to be able to issue cards.

All this could take years of work.

Rely on a complete Dock solution

Rely on a complete Dock solution

  • Regulatory issues, licenses and certifications under Dock's responsibility.
  • Business expertise, with Dock acting as a trusted advisor.
  • Swift time to market, in a matter of months.
  • More time for your company to devote to your customers’ experience.
  • Low cost when compared with developing the whole operation in-house.
  • Complete and flexible technological infrastructure.

Your own digital bank and financial products in months!

With Dock's Banking as a Service, companies can open a digital bank or fintech with a focus on specific solutions for their customers, leaving us to take care of all the tech and bureaucracy, as well as all the regulatory issues and licenses.
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What Dock can offer fintech companies and digital banks

Here are a few of the fintech companies that have reshaped their business using our technology

Simple Account
Bess Bank
Mercado Pago

Find out more about our solutions

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Empower your customers by providing end-to-end solutions through a digital account using our APIs.
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You offer your clients cards of the main credit card brands, with bringing your look & feel to your customers. We take care of everything else for you.
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Your own white-label acquiring solution using our technology, which ensures a streamlined, quick go-to-market experience.
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Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Reduce risk in your end-to-end operation, from onboarding customers to card processing and acquiring.
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