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Food retail servicing increasingly more demanding consumers

As customers make recurring purchases in several stores, food retail companies need to continuously innovate in order to keep their audience interested and loyal to their brand.

How to keep your customers coming back?

One of the most innovative ways to retain customers in the food retail industry is to offer a full digital account and a card with your brand for your consumers.

As that offer is properly managed, it is possible to keep up with the changes in consumer behavior and expand your operations in the industry.

Have you ever imagined if your company were able to offer everything a bank does?

Many companies operating in food retail come across numerous opportunities to scale their business partnering with Dock.

By providing financial services directly for your customers, including a salary account, payments via Pix, insurance and investment products, you can:

  • Create more targeted campaigns to build customer loyalty through a digital account, including special discounts;
  • Develop cross-sell campaigns for other products inside the same business;
  • Provide a custom cashback or benefit program, where the customer gets points that go straight to their digital account;
  • Strengthen the connection between your company and their customers, by making them happier and more loyal to your brand;
  • Offer the best conditions for personal credit and payment for your customers.

Dock is your partner on this journey.
With cutting-edge technology and a lot of expertise in the financial industry, we take care of all bureaucratic procedures—including card brand licenses and regulatory issues—so that your company can have your own digital bank.

The innovation your company needs can be inside your digital account

Most companies beginning to work with banking start from scratch. Your company can get ahead and release your digital account based on the number of existing employees and customers in your base.

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How does Dock support food retail companies?

Get to know the food retail companies redefining their business through our technology

Premium Queiroz
Wholesaler Roll
Super Muffato

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