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Digital acceleration has transformed retail

High customer volumes and repeat purchases are two powerful factors behind retailers’ decision to provide their customers with financial services, generating new revenue streams and enhancing customer loyalty.

Retail challenges remain

But even with so many opportunities available, limited expertise in financial services is often a barrier for retailers to step into this segment.

Not to mention the high cost of rolling out new financial solutions, delaying the entrance of retailers to a sector known for its innovation and speed of change.

Retail driving down unbanked rates

When a retailer offers its customers financial services, there’s so much to gain:

  • Customers who are more satisfied and loyal to your brand.
  • New revenue streams for your business.
  • Greater financial security as cash transactions decline.
  • Greater financial inclusion, encouraging the influx of new customers.
Your company can also join in this great financial transformation. You can help get more Brazilians to join the world of finance and have access to credit, which they can use to buy more products in retail.
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Here are some retailers that have reshaped their business using our technology

Montreal Magazine
Super Muffato
Wholesaler Roll

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