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Telecom industry in the race for innovation

Delivering a good phone service is no longer enough. Telecom companies must implement digital solutions—such as financial services—that are relevant for the population in order to stay competitive in their market.

Telecom seen as a commodity

Mobile phone and internet services are part of our everyday lives, but how can they stand out in this industry? It is necessary to integrate cutting-edge technology, anticipate trends and consider behavior changes in different generations, thus offering an additional benefit that is actually relevant for the customer.

It’s time to break barriers and go beyond what’s been established. And the financial service offering is definitely an important step in the digital transformation journey.

Associate financial services with your telecom company

Leverage your existent customer base to bring financial products in an easier and more successful manner:

  • Innovate in an environment with a lot of opportunities;
  • Expand your product offering;
  • Deliver value to your customers;
  • Stand out in a highly competitive industry.
Elements Dock

How does Dock support telecom companies?

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Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Empower your customers by providing end-to-end solutions through a digital account using our APIs.
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You offer your clients cards of the main credit card brands, with bringing your look & feel to your customers. We take care of everything else for you.
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Your own white-label acquiring solution using our technology, which ensures a streamlined, quick go-to-market experience.
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Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance

Reduce risk in your end-to-end operation, from onboarding customers to card processing and acquiring.
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